LSD quiz

1. On what date does Bicycle day fall? 2. Despitehis lifelong cryonics activism Timothy Leary was ultimately cremated. In which of these places did his ashes (probably) not end up? 3. Bubble wrap was initially intended to be used as wallpaper, and listerine as a cure for gonnorhea. For what purpose was LSD originally intended? 4. Which unlikely figure became an activist for LSD after his first trip? 5. Finish the title of Albert Hoffman's famous book. LSD...

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Correct answers:
1. 19th april. on this day Albert Hoffman had an acid trip. 2. the bermuda triangle. amazingly he had his ashes sent to space in a pegasus rocket. 3. An analeptic, its psychedelic properties were not discovered for five years. 4. Bill Wilson this was after an experiment showed over 50% of alcoholics treated with LSD did not drink again, a sucess rate which has not since been replicated. 5 my problem child